About Us

The company is supported by various professionals and investors at back end who challenge and critically evaluate each decision.

Since we have only One Planet to live and that the climate change is a real threat, Sukhjeet decided to take the plunge into the most demanding area of Waste Management i.e. Plastic Waste Recycling

The company was created as a Startup and the key word “Ekatvam” was chosen after careful deliberations. The word “Ekatvam” is a beautiful Sanskrit word which means Unity or Oneness with Divine Consciousness. This means that all of us are dependent upon each other for survival and we alone cannot live.

Our services are focused on conserving the natural resources, providing intellectual property protection to our customers, facilitating reverse logistics and ensuring 100% recycling of E-waste. At Erp- Services, whatever we do is chiefly dictated by our vital objective to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. This is why, each of our services is aimed at providing sustainable solutions, both economical and environmental, that leave a better world for the generations to come.


Our purpose is to provide organizations, society with the ability to manage their waste “ethically” and re-use it as “renewable” raw material.


To ‘eliminate’ the need for landfill or dumping grounds.


To manage waste as a resource, promoting sustainable, environmentally sound and cost-effective practices through an integrated system of waste reduction, reuse, recycling, innovative technology, customer service and education


• Integrity
• Humility
• Trust & Respect
• Commitment